archimedys_largeUnique modular sections provide wide flexibility and extreme life.

The new customizable, modular flight conveyor screw from Archimedys is suited for a number of industries and applications, including flour handling, cereals, plastic, rubber, cement, plaster, granules, and water depollution. Available in configurations that include constant pitch and screw with extraction area, the “snap-together” screw modules can be assembled in a wide range of novel and creative ways.

  • Ideal for replacing aged steel screws
  • Improvement in material flow
  • Solve easily wear or corrosion problems.
  • Avoid intermediate bearings
  • Reduce noise in operation
  • Easy maintenance

Offered in four standard dimensions, the techno polymers can easily be stacked on a metal shaft. Simply construct your auger with tracepart drawings and assemble modules along a hexagonal shaft. Your screw is ready. Only 10 minutes to build a 7 m long (21 feet) screw.

See the Archimedys Modular Screw in action


Advantage compared to metallic screws

  • archimedys_2Flightings are naturally resistant to corrosion, abrasion, acids and base
  • Friction decrease against the wall conveyor. Intermediary bearings are no longer needed in a lot of configuration.
  • Improvement of the material flow conveyed due to the natural gliding over the body of the module.
  • Abrasion resistance up to three times that of steel
  • Noise reduction in operation
  • Ecological engineering. No more welding, sandblasting, coating with polyurethane, rubber or metal coating.
  • Energy saving due to the reduced effort by the training engine.
  • Ensure the maintenance of your equipment by only replacing worn areas.

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