“Workers feared dead after combustible dust explosion at ABC Company”

This is a headline no company wants to be mentioned in.

Combustible dust explosions and deflagrations kill or injure workers every year in facilities around the world. Most of these deadly incidents can be prevented or mitigated with proper application of explosion safety devices, dust, and fume collection design.

Combustible Dust: An Insidious Hazard

Demonstration of Combustible Dust and Flameless venting


bosleyOn July 17, 2015 a dust explosion occurred at Bosley Wood Flour Mill near Cheshire, England. This explosion killed one worker, and injured more than thirty-five others. This facility had been in operation since 1930, with only a limited history of small fire incidents. Just because it hasn’t happened in 85 years, doesn’t mean it will never happen. Taking prevention seriously saves lives.

Companies are required under NFPA to know the hazards associated with their dusts.

If the dust is not diatomaceous earth (dirt), it is most likely combustible and should be tested and controlled with NFPA approved methods. New NFPA 652 regulations will require facilities to have a documented Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) on file for determining the risks involved with their combustible dusts. Airsystem Sales now offers a DHA expert to be included on process hazard analysis teams or as an individual consultant.

It is important for any dust producing or handling equipment and ductwork to be properly designed and installed to prevent dangerous build-up of combustible dusts. Explosions occurring in unprotected facilities or dust collectors could send flame-fronts back into your occupied work areas, harming workers and damaging equipment.

Combustible Dusts are serious. Know the risks; Protect your people and property.

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