What is the Fume Tracker?

The FUME TRACKER by Diversi-Tech Inc is a revolutionary new way to eliminate welding fumes. This technology offers hands free capture of welding fumes and complies with OSHA clean air regulations. The arms are available in wall mounted or portable systems.

How does it work?

Diversi-Tech’s patented Fume Tracker system automatically repositions itself above the fume source. Smoke and fumes from the welding process are captured at source due to the capture arm and hood being correctly positioned. The arm’s sensors locate & track light produced from a weld arc. Information is then decoded and instructions are sent to 3 servo motors that continually reposition the arm.

The FUME TRACKER solves a major problem in the field of manual welding. By constantly repositioning itself above the weld arc, this technology delivers fume extraction results that cannot be matched by any other product on the market today.

Fume Tracker by Diversitech

What are the benefits?

  1. Increased productivity & quality: The Fume Tracker allows welders to work without having to stop every few seconds to reposition the arm. Hands free fume capture improves productivity by allowing the welder to focus on his or her work.
  2. Increased safety: Workers often do not reposition fume capture arms during welding. The result is a high percentage of fumes entering the workspace. The FUME TRACKER eliminates this problem and ensures fumes are captured at source.
  3. OSHA compliance: All our products comply with OSHA clean air regulations for workplace safety. Compliance with these standards offers companies protection from future liability.
  4. Better technology: Our competitors offer outdated, passive fume capture systems. Diversi-Tech Inc offers current, active fume capture technology. We strive to give our clients the best value possible. This starts by producing the best products.

To learn more about the Fume Tracker, call us today at (615) 373-0039, or email us.