We all know we have to manage combustible dust and fiber. It’s dangerous: fires from fugitive fiber and dust have destroyed plants in literally minutes; OSHA has levied stiff fines to facilities that don’t comply with NFPA standards.

Simply cleaning surfaces with 90 psi blow off air is not recommended as it can cause unsafe conditions. Cleaning with vacuum systems the preferred method of cleaning. 

Airsystem Sales provides a full range of vacuum systems to help our customers.

All of Airsystem Sales vacuum systems can be:

  • customized to meet NPFA 654, 68, 69, 484, and 61.  This is for mixed dust, metal dusts, and food dusts.
  • offered in a compact size and ship almost fully assembled for ease of installation.
  • available in both portable or stationary models, based on project requirements.
  • provided with explosion proof motors (if required).

Also, smaller vacuum systems can be provided with 120V to replace small shop systems with short life spans.

Speaking of, the NFPA 654 2013 Standard is out.  Chapter 8.2 establishes retroactive house cleaning rules that ensure that the built up dust levels on walls, floors, and horizontal surfaces does not exceed the threshold dust mass/accumulation.  These surfaces include production equipment, motors, ducts, pipes, hoods, ledges, beams, mezzanines and above false ceilings and other concealed surfaces, such as the interior of electrical enclosures.

To decrease the frequency of vacuuming overhead ledges, beams, equipment surfaces in hard to reach areas of your plant, Airsystem Sales utilizes one of several solutions from SonicAire. They offer  a variety of low pressure air blow off systems to keep these areas clean of combustible and non-combustible dusts. And, even better, they have several models available to fit your installation situations.

Airsystem Sales - Sonic 1.c.The Sonic 1.c.

SonicAire’s latest addition to the family is the “SonicAire 1.c.” The ‘1’ stands for the 1 horsepower TEAO fan motor (the same workhorse we use in the SonicAire 1.0).   The “c” stands for Compact.  It can fit virtually anywhere: Its sleek, small shroud allows it to go into places where previously no fan could clean.  Any building with cramped overhead spaces needs to add a SonicAire 1.c to the mix for a comprehensive clean.

Airsystem Sales - SonicAire 1.c.

Portable Vacuum System For Combustible Dust Outside Explosion Venting

SonicAire introduced the 1.c to be a strong performer, despite its small size.  Here are some important features:

  • A 1 HP  fan motor (3600 RPM) that meets NEMA 4 gasketed enclosure requirements
  • The iDrive,  a totally enclosed drive system, to automate planning for cleaning areas
  • Self-lubricating and sealed bearings to reduce maintenance costs
  • An extended, slim shroud to expand the effective cleaning range
  • A Unified Electrical Enclosure to increase frame strength and meet NEMA 4 gasketed enclosure requirements
  • A sickle fan blade to increase efficiency

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