Airsystem Sales, Inc. (ASI) excels at providing our customers a unique and reliable experience. Our entire team will work hard to earn your trust and confidence.

Advanced Features, Better Support
Through our unique process, ASI adds better environmental conditions, higher energy efficiency and APC compliance to extend the flexibility of your system and improve ventilation, material handling, air filtration, make up air and energy recovery problems for industrial applications. ASI works with a wide range of contaminants such as weld smoke, wood, paper trim, paper fines, food products, plastic powders, chemical powders, mining, radioactive, paper trim, metals, ceramics, etc.

Real Service, Real Guarantees
Airsystem Sales solutions deliver unparalleled results, performance, and reliability in addition to turnkey solutions, project manager-led implementation with on-site installation and proactive services and support.

Industry Leading Execution 
Airsystem Sales delivers! With installation intervals less than 50% of the industry average and proactive service, it’s no wonder that even our customers will tell you that we simply execute better than our competitors.